Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Singapore Tattoo Ink Hunt

IMG_4354-1 April 24, 2010 is a day hunting for Tattoo Ink in Singapore with my long time buddy Ronaldo.  I was asked by our HS friend/classmate Ernest to look for Intenze tatto ink.

Ronaldo is currently working in Singapore as CS/agent in a Call Center company.  We met in a new mall called Ion Mall Along Orchard road. After our lunch trip in Thai Express Resto we then zoned out Chinatown’s People’s Park, Bugis Village and we only found out that the ink can only buy back in Orchard. 

One Oz of that Intenze ink costs $40.  That’s pretty expensive huh! hehehe..

Click on the pictures for a larger view.








ion mall








me infront of ion mall and isetan mall

IMG_4499 IMG_4503






Ron and Jamo in Thai Express

IMG_4504 IMG_4507






Ron begging to the cashier if we can just wash the dishes as we don’t have money to pay the bill.  Next picture shows Ron knocking the MRT ticket vendo.

IMG_4510 IMG_4511






MRT going to Chinatown from Orchard station



The infamous Hotel 81 in Chinatown












We took the Cab from Chinatown to Bugis Village

IMG_4278 IMG_4530

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rey Valera's latest composition "Loving Me"

reyv Rey Valera Guardiano also known as "The Hitmaker".  Began his music career as bassist in a rock band.  Equipped with his bright ideas and perseverance, he started doing solo works like song writing, scoring, producing other artists including himself.  Sharon Cuneta's big hit "MR. DJ" was written by Rey Valera and has never taunted on him that he would become as big as now.


Almost all of the published songs he has written were being listed onrev2 videoke machines that reminds everybody of the best music that Rey Valera has imparted to us whenever there are parties and other occasions.  Even the teleseryes now being produced by TV networks are arming his songs as titles and themesongs.  Some of them are listed here: Tayong Dalawa (for tayong dalawa), Pangako sa'yo (for Pangako sa'yo), Malayo pa ang umaga (for Agua Bendita), Kung Kailangan mo Ako (for Sa Sandaling Kailangan mo Ako), Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (for Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo) and many more.


petron As a gift to everybody and to all the fans that supported Rey Valera he wrote a song that would give each and everyone an idea on how to share love to ourselves before giving up everything to someone else. "Yung bang alam mong meron kang babalikan sa sarili mo kung wala na ang lahat" as quoted by the author. 


Last Sunday, that was April 11, the song “Loving Me” was heard for the very first time thru PINOY RADIO UK by our Filipino DJ Sonny Laragan.  The singer/composer also granted a live interview that same night over the world wide web but heard locally in U.K.  The song receives a lot of good feedbacks thru Rey’s Facebook Fan Page


You can find the lyrics and free download of the song “LOVING ME” in here. <==

Piktyur Piktyur!

1. Top Piktyur – Rey in one of his concerts

2. Middle Piktyur – Rey poses for an album layout

3. Bottom Piktyur – Rey with his fellow musicians Mcoy Fundales of Kenyo and Jamo Teodoro (the author and that’s me!) of Popoyfield combo.

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Words and Music by: Rey Valerabata

The more I see, the more I understand.
The more I understand, the more I accept
The more I accept,
the more I find it easy for me
forgivin' others and myself
And when I learned to forgive myself,

That is when I began to love me

To change my life tomorrow,
I'll start with today
To change my world around me,
I'll start with my heart
What will I give when I didn't take my own fair share?
And there's no love here to give?
To fill this empty shell

I'll fill it with love by loving me

Loving me is quite easy
Loving me is the key
Before I can truly love somebody
Then I guess I'll have to start
First I gotta to start.. with lovin' me.

I will not be lonely even though I'm alone
I will be my best friend when nobody's home
I'm all that I've got, come heaven or what not... I'm me.
I'm more than I can be.
In searching for that true love

I guess I'll begin inside of me.

You can  download  the  mp3 song of  “Loving Me” for free! Download here <==

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